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Biodegradable * Non Toxic  * Environmentally Safe

Citrus Clean Uses: 
General Cleaning: 
Citrus Clean may be used as a general all-purpose cleaner. 
Use Citrus Clean with 30 parts water. 
Spray surfaces such as counter tops, furniture, paneling, walls, upholstery, appliances, light fixtures, etc. 
Wipe dry with clean cloth or towel. 
Always mix Citrus Clean with water. 
Always test for color-fastness when using Citrus Clean on fabrics. 
For upholstered furniture, test on back of piece. 
Citrus Clean can be used as a pre-spray on clothing (avoid satin, silk and soft leather), removing virtually every stain. 
The results are astonishing - whether it be tar, grease, oil, blood, ink or make-up, Citrus Clean will greatly reduce expenses in your laundry room. 
Dilute 30:1 with water. 
Linoleum Floors 
Dilute Citrus Clean 30:1 with hot water. 
Mop floor, let sit for 3-5 minutes (excellent with a floor buffer). 
Mop up - no rinsing. 
For heavy wax buildup, dilute 10:1, let sit for 5 minutes. 
De-fogging glass and mirrors 
Some uses include: windshields, eyeglasses, bathroom mirrors, scuba face masks, ski goggles and store Windows. 
Dilute 1 tablespoon Citrus Clean in 1 quart warm water. 
Apply solution with a spray bottle. 
Use a clean, dry cloth to buff glass completely. 
Dilute Citrus Clean 30:1 with water (for badly soiled ovens, 10:1). 
Pre-heat oven to warm. 
Apply Citrus Clean solution, let sit for a few seconds, then wipe. 
Citrus Clean can be used to clean almost anything in your kitchen or dining room. 
From floors and carpets to oven and cooking surfaces. Excellent on grease traps, fryers, pizza ovens, stainless steel and general cleaning. 
Citrus Clean sanitizes and deodorizes. 
Carpets :
With carpet machine: 
Vacuum before shampooing. 
Dilute Citrus Clean 50:1 with water (for heavily soiled carpets, use 10:1 solution). 
Use solution in holding tank of machine. 
Shampoo entire carpet. 
Let dry completely. 
Vacuum up residue. 
Without machine: 
Vacuum carpet. 
Dilute Citrus Clean 30:1 with water. 
Apply with soft bristled brush or sponge mop to loosen soil. 
May be wiped with clean towel if necessary on badly soiled areas. 
Let dry completely. 
Vacuum up residue. 
Vinyl Car Tops:
Dilute Citrus Clean 30:1 with water. 
Scrub top with brush and solution. 
Rinse with clean water. 
Mildew Removal 
Dilute Citrus Clean 30:1 with water. 
Scrub surface with soft brush and solution. 
Rinse with clean water. 
Degrease Car Engines 
Dilute Citrus Clean 7:1 with water. 
Spray on engine or engine parts. 
Rinse with pressure or garden hose. 
Citrus Clean replaces muriatic acid for cement dust on painted surfaces. Cleans your garage floor or driveway. 
Dilute 7:1 with water. 
Machine Shops: 
Citrus Clean will replace Varsal, carb-cleaner or WD-40, and handle your dipping tanks. 
Dilute at 10:1 or 7:1. 
Boats & RVs:
Citrus Clean is approved by the US Coast Guard for use on all types of boats. 
Deck and bilge cleaning. 
Bug Remover on RV's. 
Rust inhibitor. 
Cleans and removes mildew from teak and other wooden surfaces. 
Body Shops:
Citrus Clean will remove urethane off glass, hands, upholstery and carpets without smearing. 
We recommend a pre-spray of concentrate before beginning this particular task. 
Removal of overspray from brake lights, tires, glass and interiors. 
Removal of silicone from door jambs, tires and interiors. 
Metal prep primer wash: anti-static, prevents fisheyes, swirls and bubbles. 
Paint oxidation: work in sections using a 10:1 solution. 
Will restore paint in half the time. 
Steam Cleaning: 
Citrus Clean can be used in steam cleaners to do such jobs as paint work, vinyl siding, engines and all types of heavy machinery. 
Add CITRUS CLEAN to tank in 50:1 solution, for pressures up to 100psi. 
For higher pressures: 
100 - 200 psi use 60:1 solution 
200 - 300 psi use 70:1 solution 
300 - 400 psi use 80:1 solution 
400 psi and higher increase solution up to 140:1 
Metal Surfaces: 
Citrus Clean can be used on Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Magnesium or Chrome at a 20:1  solution to remove or inhibit salt pits, rust and water stains. Will not leave streaks on Aluminum. 
Used at a 20:1 solution, Citrus Clean can solve these problems: 
For stacks, spray directly on and rinse off surface when carbon appears to run. 
When using for dripping (in extreme cases), mix a 7:1 solution, soak for one hour, then rinse. 
For example; carbon on piston heads, epoxy glues, silicone, seals and gaskets. 
Citrus Clean may be used for dipping to remove carbon deposits from piston heads, epoxy glues, surface rust and heavy degreasing. 
Some examples are engines, spare parts, metals (finished or unfinished), and many other tough problems. 
When dipping, use a 7:1 solution and soak for approximately two hours. 
If necessary, rinse with water to remove light oil film. 
Solution may be filtered and re-used when soiled. 
Citrus Clean has been successfully used on all types of aircraft. Removal of carbon, paint oxidation and canvas on spray planes, helicopters, dispersal of water on windows - prevents beading.

You don't have to worry about harsh chemicals or toxic substances coming into your home. The Citrus Clean we use are made with natural and safe ingredients. This not only ensures your family and pets are safe but also helps extend the life of your cleaning projects.

Citrus Clean is an Excellent  Product and safe to use.

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