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Using 1 Product is the WAY 
to do every day Cleaning... (For home & Commercial)

Maintaining the floors and carpet in your home and business is easy with Green CITRUS CLEAN.  Whether you've got area rugs and tile or a house full of carpets, or a boat, a car, motorbike, machinery or any other cleaning job to do, you'll be happy to know our Green Citrus  Clean can keep your home, business, autos, aircraft or boats looking new and in excellent condition for years to come.

Green CITRUS CLEAN is a d-limonene based product, which gets into the pores of a material to lift and remove anything which is not permanently bonded.  In some cases, several applications of a 10:1 dilution may break down and remove permanent types of stains.

Dilution and Uses

A 20:1 dilution will do for most general cleaning applications. For tougher jobs use a 10:1 dilution and give it more sitting time before wiping or in the case of carpet, blotting up.

Here is a partial list of appropriate applications for Green CITRUS CLEAN.

Aircraft - Auto Body Shops - Boats - Bathrooms & Showers - Car Interiors - Carbon -Carpet Shampooer - Carpet Stains - De-fogging Glass & Mirrors - Degreaser – Engine Degreaser - Glass Washing - Machines - Gum on Carpets - Jewellery - Laundry - Mildew - Calcium – Hard water - Ovens - Paint Oxidization - Overspray – Pressure Washers - R.V.'s - Shop Floors & Walls - Ships - Stainless Steel - Sawmills - Tires & Whitewalls - Tiles - Upholstery - Vinyl Tops - Windows - Mirrors - Glass - General Spray & Wipe – plus many other applications.  If you can use water on it, you can use Green CITRUS CLEAN to clean it.

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