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You don't have to worry about harsh chemicals or toxic substances coming into your home. The Citrus Clean we use are made with natural and safe ingredients. This not only ensures your family and pets are safe but also helps extend the life of your cleaning projects.


Green CITRUS CLEAN is very concentrated to save you money and should always be mixed with water.

FOR GENERAL CLEANER mix 1 part of concentrate into 10-30 parts of water (depending on the soil level)

FOR HEAVY DUTY mix 1 part of concentrate into 7 parts of water. Mostly for tough stains and grease.

FOR GRANITE/MARBLE mix 1 tablespoon of concentrate in a quart of water.  Use this mix also to clean MIRRORS and  WINDOWS.  Spray and wipe with microfiber cloth or any dry clean cloth or towel.


Mix with water in a carpet shampoo machine or spray bottle.  If using a carpet shampooer follow instructions associated with that machine. In a spray bottle: Spray entire

area generously and wipe  with a dry clean cloth or towel.


Mix with water in a spray bottle and spray

generously. If heavily soiled let Green CITRUS CLEAN stand

for about five minutes to loosen soil. Wipe clean with a dry cloth towel.


Follow the dilution scale and mix in a bucket with warm water or spray bottle. Apply generously and wipe until clean. for best results use a clean mop and let stand for about 5 minutes.


Dilute using a spray bottle.  Spray on the grease area, wipe until clean or for best result on old grease build up, soak the product for a few minutes then wipe using tools that you normally use when you clean.


Use full strength (concentrate) in a spray bottle to lubricate squeaky hinges.  Use the diluted product to wipe cabinet doors to remove oil and grease stains.


Dilute using 1 tablespoon of concentrate to a quart of water and use like you would any ordinary glass cleaner.


Dilute as directed. Always spray generously. Use a clean, dry cloth to wipe clean.

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